K+G Wetter


CutControl is the automatic program control developed by K+G WETTER. For the first time, it enables genuinely practical automation of the cutter process using cutter programs entered on the machine or created on the PC. CutControl can be used without long periods of job familiarisation, easy operation is at the forefront. Once a recipe has been set and stored, it can be called up again and again with a consistent quality. This creates increased security in the production workflow, batch by batch. Additionally, CutControl offers numerous new possibilities, such as documentation and archiving of cutter programs or the continuous monitoring of machine functions through self-diagnosis systems.

The cutter process is documented automatically with CutVision

- an efficient tool for quality assurance and production control. This increases productivity with simultaneous quality assurance.

CutControl is now available with RezeptControl, the digital recipe management. The major advantage of RezeptControl is the automatic quantity adjustment of all necessary ingredients and settings to the desired batch size. Complicated own calculations are no longer necessary, incorrect batches are avoided.