touch sensitive keyboard operation
protection cover at the barrel outlet, electrically controlled
worm housing, meat worm and cutting unit stainless steel
Cutting system Unger G 160

Automatic-Grinder G 160mm
Typ 408

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  • loading device hydraulically operated

  • pilon loading device

  • ejecting device for meat worm and cutting unit hydraulically operated

  • fresh- and frozen version, with cuuting unit for frozen meat, supporting unit for pre-braker



High-performance grinder for up to 60 kg per minute

  • main switch and electric control integrated in machine housing
  • brake unit for meat worm drive
  • retarded approach of the meat worm, longer service life of the cutting set
  • surface and hopper stainless steel, drive shaft stainless steel, seated in special seals and ball bearings
  • Durable drives for meat- and feeder-worm, stainless steel drive shafts seated in ball bearings, special seal on the drice shaft