K+G Wetter

All high-performance bowl cutters from K+G WETTER fulfil the highest quality standards and offer an ideal price-performance ratio. Nevertheless, the vacuum technology is indispensable for special products. This is because the extraction of oxygen prevents oxidation processes to the greatest possible extent during cutting. In a state of vacuum, the volume of the meat cells increases, thus promoting quick and effective fine size reduction. Air penetration and related discolouration of the finished product are almost completely excluded. The finished product has a pleasantly firm bite, looks appetising and can be kept for far longer. Particularly with sausages for heating in water and cooked sausage, the effects of these manufacturing advantages go right through to sales.

All vacuum bowl cutters are CE-conform, offer maximum running smoothness thanks to the solid, stainless-steel-encased and floor-closed machine stand, and have adjustable and vibration-cushioned machine legs.